Where you are or Earth 2.0

Near Future. Earth is on the edge of irreversible catastrophe. Numbers of mining farms, harmful emissions and bloody wars have destroyed the ecosystem, flora and fauna. The world has changed beyond recognition: cities turned into dumps filled with mutated rats, humanoid inhabitants, and once the best minds on the planet.
While 90% of the world’s population suffocates in poverty, Influencers, Celebrities and Riches hide in isolated cities living in wealth. Among them Elona in Mask, an inventive multi-billionaire who set cryptocurrency trends with her decisions and successful business moves. Unfortunately, at some point, the story of COVID had a strong impact on her, the businesswoman began to always wear a mask and strive to leave the planet. So, she bought out NASA.
Speaking of cryptocurrencies, the great popularity of crypto made it the main means of payment, which led to the economic collapse. Celebrities and advertising have had a decisive effect on the over-consuming culture. Only a few have managed to adapt and survive in apocalyptic conditions. The wealthiest layer of society intends to leave the Earth.
On the other side there are oppositionists in the face of the military, whose mission is to save the Earth and overthrow the elite. High levels of bureaucracy, corruption, and the attachment of operating programs to crypto elements make it impossible to counter the system. So, they choose a different way to go...

What’s your hero’s path?

Your hero is a robot, one of the many explorers of the universe who are looking for worlds to colonize and explore. In his society, they were able to deal with a cryptocurrency collapse. Unfortunately, while flying past Earth, he was hit by a Telsa Model G Sport Car (sent to space because Elona can), so his capsule was crashed in a Junkyard.
Trying to put yourself back together, you will go through hell on the Earth. The feeling of revenge will drive you and push into battles with furious greedy bosses. If you are strong and audacious enough, your encounter with Elona in Mask may change the direction of the Earth's future.
The question is whether you are ready to start this path.
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